Falling Forward

Long time, no blog! 

One of our lavender products, which later won an award.

2011 was a surprisingly eventful year for us at Sledding Hill.  It began with the commercial launch of our lavender condiments and a whirlwind of production, sales, and marketing activities that swept us up.  This continued through the farmers’ market season where we maintained a presence at a minimum of 2 markets every week, while putting well over 20,000km on our car, making sales calls, training and monitoring production, and buying equipment and supplies.  We even participated in a trade mission to Barbados hosted by provincial and federal agencies; and although this might sound like a vacation, believe me, it wasn’t.  The walking pneumonia I returned home with in June was a testament to the crazy pace.  Needless to say, blogging dropped off our priority list.

Gord (not Martin) painting the roof trim of the lower roof peak. Notice his lack of falling... show off!

Throughout the summer, we often commented to each other that we felt we were on a runaway treadmill and longed for the Fall (Autumn) when we hoped the pace would slow. 

Well, the Fall came, and the pace did slow, but not in the way we would have hoped.

October was a cruel month, punctuated with news and events that were alternately devastating and exhilarating.  One week we would literally be facing the end of the business, the next we were on top of the world. This rollercoaster pattern continued to repeat until October 27, 2011 when it derailed with a resounding crash.

Morphine, good.

While I was painting the highest point of our roof trim (Gord had done 90% of the trim already), the inadequately-secured platform/ladder configuration of our own inferior design, collapsed.  The foot of the ladder I was standing on lost its purchase and kicked out away from the house.  I rode it to the ground, 20 ft. below and landed flat, face-down on top of it.  I remember thinking, “huh?” and “oh —-!”  followed by a skeleton-rattling BAM!

Miraculously, I not only survived, but was able to walk, with assistance, to the paramedics’ gurney, calmly thanking people who had come to help, assuring them I was going to be fine, and casually accepting the paramedics’ offer of morphine after I got a glimpse of one misshapen forearm.

Knife and fork food for someone with two broken arms. Seriously?

Two days and one surgery later, I was home with BOTH arms in casts.  Diagnosis: two broken arms above the wrist and lots of deep painful bruising. Prognosis: full recovery with no lasting effects. 

So. Very. Lucky.   Breaking both arms is inconvenient to say the least, but it could have been much, much worse.

It’s been 2 and 1/2 months since the accident. The casts are off, the bones are set, the pins holding them together have been removed, and I’m typing this — well on the way to realizing that prognosis.  Our business hasn’t stopped, nor has the rollercoaster of achievements and failures.  But, the realization that Life at Sledding Hill could have taken a much more permanent turn for the worse last October has us counting our blessings and keeping everything in perspective as we fall forward into 2012.

Our resolutions for 2012? Be grateful, stay off of ladders, and turn a profit. 

Happy New Year!

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5 Responses to Falling Forward

  1. So glad that you’re okay. I noticed your products in a few stores this summer and fall, and did my part in putting your business in the black. I always seemed to miss you at the Farmer’s Markets. Missed you in Bear River during a visit also. Take the best of care. It’s lovely to see you back online, and please keep the faith. Cream always rises to the top!

  2. Sherrie says:

    Good gravy- I’m so glad that it wasn’t worse, too! You look so pitiful in the hospital pictures. Happy 2012- may you be able to type all year!

  3. It has been great reading about your Bear River pursuits. Hope 2012 is easier on the bones.

  4. Joy says:

    OMG …………….. I can’t believe you survived this ! .. I understand how drastic this must have felt and that you were in shock for the first phase and yes my friend .. morphine is a wonder drug in my books .. sadly it is my stand by but I am thankful for it like nobody’s business !
    I hope I am at the right blog and “chatting” to “Gord” ? LOL
    If not .. bloody hell man that was one accident I won’t forget about reading! You poor soul ! Hope you feel much better now ?
    Joy : ) wink wink

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